What Kind of Website Do I Need?

December 27, 2018

Short Answer:


Websites come in all shapes and sizes. Not one is the same and if someone tries to tell you that they can be, they are wrong. It’s important to sit down with a designer/developer and figure out exactly how custom your site should be.


Long Answer:


The answer is not that everyone needs to pay 50k for a website. I try to be really straightforward with our potential clients on how custom they need their site to be. We usually find that small businesses do not need a top to bottom custom build while startups and medium-to-large sized businesses almost always need something very customized.

There are so many different ways to describe different types of companies but I usually specify clients into three groups:

  1. Small Business
  2. Startup
  3. Medium-Sized Corporation

One of our processes at margo&bert is sitting down with our potential clients and making this decision before we talk about any numbers. I’ll briefly go through each of these business models and discuss what kind of build is usually most fitting for each of these company types.


Small Business:


This is for the people just starting starting to explore what their digital presence might look like. Maybe you have 5-15k followers on instagram? You are realizing you need something to solidify your digital presence, but you can’t break the bank on branding and a website. For this size, we recommend focusing on building out the branding (logo, secondary logo, type, colors, etc.) and then choosing a more affordable option for the build, usually a more customized Wix site. We will soon have a more affordable option for small businesses, we will keep you posted on this.




We know this company size well. You have a big idea that you need to bring to life. You understand the importance of your digital presence and branding and just need some help figuring out how your brand or product should be represented on the internet. This is where margo&bert excels. Startups usually need a completely customized design & build. We call your website “your digital hello.” It’s often the first time a consumer will interact with your company. Every page, animation, and transition should be completely tailored to the product/service you are offering. 


Medium Sized Corporation:


You have 15-30 employees? Your site serves as a resource for clients and employees? You have a website, but it’s not up to speed or feels outdated?  If you are in this position, don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. This type of company almost always needs a custom rebuild and brand refresh. At margo&bert we try to build our clients something timeless and adaptable. 

Websites, just like companies, are not a one-size-fits-all model. Reach out to us at hello@margoandbert.com to help you make the best decision for your needs.


“We call your website “your digital hello” it’s often the first time a consumer will interact with your company.”

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