Why You Should User Test Your Website

January 11, 2019

Short Answer:


User Testing is like proofreading but for websites. It allows us to take the site into the wild and see how users respond to it. It’s a way to get detailed feedback on how people respond to your digital presence.


Long Answer:


  • Helps identify where your customers/users are getting stuck


Your customers have expectations when they visit your site. When they get stuck, it leaves a bad taste in their mouth which then translates to a bad taste towards your brand. User testing will help point out specific pain points on your website.


  • Unbiased Feedback


I know, I know. We should be introspective and not give into bias. This is just not the reality when we are immersed into our business in the day to day. It’s really helpful to see how people who have not seen your brand before react to it. It can provide useful feedback about how to better convert new customers by improving the user experience.


  • Saves Money


Doing User Testing before you develop your newly designed site can save you a lot of money. Making changes after development is much more expensive than making changes during the design phase.


  • User Testing will help you make strategic decisions as a business owner.


If your business functions as a E-Commerce platform, doing user testing can provide you with valuable information to make more strategic decisions. User Testing could even be done as a diagnostic to see what areas of your site you could improve without redesigning your entire website.


Are you interested in getting user feedback on your website? Shoot us an email to hello@margoandbert.com, we would be happy to help.


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