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Backdrop Stock
Backdrop Stock
A boutique stock shop for bold companies.
Goal of the project
The goal for Backdrop Stock was to create a boutique experience for creatives. Avoid the white walls and greenery, and create bold art-like background photos. We needed to create a brand that was quirky and fun but didn’t distract from the images.
How we accomplished this goal
We accomplished this goal by creating an e-commerce experience that paid attention to every detail. We wanted to show off all the different ways Backdrop photos can be used without overwhelming the user.

List of Services

Backdrop Stock selected the following services to build out their brand & website.



Art Direction


Web Design
UX/UI Design
Interactive Design
Web Development
Full Stack Dev
User Testing
Web Maintenance
Digital Brand Strategy
Visual Brand Strategy
Brand Architecture
Brand Voice
A walkthrough
We intertwined their sassy style with simple navigation. A fine balance of showing off and also helping the user easily navigate the website.
See The Site
Their words, not ours.
Here’s what Backdrop had to say about their experience working with us.

“Margo & Bert are like founders to us. What they did for our business goes way beyond just designing a website. They helped us make strategic decisions while developing a digital product. They thought through the user experience in a way only someone who is an expert in the space could.”